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How to Erase Chalkboard Markers

You just got a new chalkboard and you drew a cool design or wrote the special of the day or jotted down the grocery list. You get a paper towel or rag and go to erase it, but it won’t go away! No matter how hard you scrub it’s still there. Sometimes erasing chalkboard markers can be a struggle, but don't worry we have the solution!

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This is the ultimate guide on how to erase chalkboard markers that will provide you with multiple ways to clean chalk markers off of your chalkboard!

How to Erase Chalkboard Markers

How to Erase Chalk Marker

First, let’s look at why your chalkboard markers won’t come off. There are two common causes of chalkboard markers sticking to the chalkboard.  The most common cause of not being able to erase chalkboard markers is that the markers themselves are not high quality. For this reason, we recommend using Bistro Chalk Markers. They come in a variety of colors including pastels and metallics!

Another cause is that the surface you are writing on is porous. Because you can easily convert surfaces like wood into chalkboards with the Easy Chalkboard Marker, it's best to always season your chalkboard before using it. Otherwise, the chalk marker ink gets stuck in the little holes and divots which makes it hard to get out, but don’t worry there are still ways to erase!

5 Ways to Erase Chalkboard Markers

  1. The first thing to try if a wet paper towel is not removing chalk marker is to add a little vinegar. Start with a 70% water 30% vinegar mix and go up from there.
  2. If vinegar and water are not doing the trick try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Cut it in half because unless you are erasing a very large area you won’t need the whole Magic Eraser.
  3. If neither the vinegar or the Magic Eraser work, try combining them. Use the Magic Eraser just as you would a paper towel or cloth.
  4. If all else fails there are chalkboard cleaners you can purchase.
  5. If the chalkboard cleaner itself does not work, try adding in some vinegar.

How to Prevent Future Issues

If you don’t feel like doing chemistry every time you want to erase your chalkboard there are a few precautions you can take. First, if you know your writing surface is porous, do not use chalk markers, only use traditional chalk. If you are not sure if the surface you are using as a chalkboard is porous or non-porous make a small mark with a chalk marker and see if it can easily be erased. If it can not it is likely porous and erasing it will be a pain. 

Seasoning any chalkboard before using chalk markers is the key to getting that stubborn after image off. Seasoning the board will fill up any pores on the surface so when it comes time to erase, the ink will come right off! Not sure what we mean? Check out our post on How to Season a Chalkboard.

For those visual learners, we made a quick 1-minute video to show you just how easy it is!



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Stacey Anne Beecher - May 31, 2022

What about the peel and stick chalkboard? I have marker that has been up there for almost a year.

Jennifer - August 30, 2021

Thank you!!!! You saved me from throwing away my whole (1st/last day of school) chalkboard

… note to self: don’t use cheap chalkboard markers on a cheap porous chalkboard LOL

Fiona A Gwozdz - August 2, 2021

Thank you so much for the tips! I repeated the vinegar wash and mr clean cycle a couple of times and it worked a treat!

Skye Smith - July 8, 2021

The magic eraser worked for me! Thank you!

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