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Hi, there! Thanks for including us in your creative journey. For over 40 years, we at Uchida of America Corporation, have been developing and marketing a wide range of quality office, craft, and art-related products. Our market base includes large and small business school, creative companies, artists, craft persons, hobbyists and others ranging from the amateur to the professional. 

Marvy Uchida - About Us

Year after year professional artists and crafters alike have come to recognize Marvy Uchida as their go-to source for quality art supplies and creative inspiration. With every passing year, we've been amazed at the creativity coming from our customers. 

Marvy Uchida - About Us

To stay true to our fans, we strive to create quality products that help to inspire creativity every day! Even if it's just around the office. If you're not sure where to start, try browsing our best sellers or looking for inspiration on our project pages.

Marvy Uchida - Office Products

Established: September 1973 

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