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Best Tools for Planners and Journaling

Best Tools for Planners and Journaling

Everyone wants their planner or journal to look good. That’s why there are so many pens and markers out there claiming to be the best pens for bullet journaling or planners. It can be really hard to find the tools that actually work well! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best tools for planners and journaling. This is a one-stop shop for all your planning and journaling needs.

Best Tools for Planners and Journaling

Le Pen

Le Pen - Best Bullet Journaling Pen

First up is the Le Pen. Le Pen is great for when you are doing a lot of writing. The micro-fine plastic point is the perfect tool for clear penmanship. Another cool thing about the Le Pen is that the color of the barrel matches the color of the ink; this makes it quick and easy to find the right color, and you won't accidentally switching the caps and using the wrong color. They come in 24 different colors so you can get creative with your color coding!

Le Pen Drawing

Le Pen Drawing - Best Pens for Planners and Journaling

The Le Pen Drawing markers are great for writing and lettering. The pens come in seven different sizes ranging from a .03, good for writing, to a brush tip, great for lettering. The Le Pen Drawing markers are reliable, good, black markers that won’t smudge on the paper. These pens are also a fan-favorite of artists because they are perfect for creating crisp line drawings and pointillism. 

Pastel Liners

Best Pens for Planners and Bullet Journals

Highlighters are a great tool to use in a planner or journal! They can be used to mark something important or just to decorate a page. These highlighters come with a 3-way chisel tip so you can use them to write with, highlight, and add designs to your pages easily. They also come in everyone's favorite color set - pastel! Perfect for a light wash of color in your bullet journal. Color coding has never been easier!

Gel Reminisce

Best Pens for Bullet Journalling

For gel pens fans we recommend the Gel Reminisce. The ink flows continuously making it write very smoothly. The rubberized comfort grip makes it easy to use this pen for long journal entries or detailed planner notes. The Gel Reminisce comes in 7 different colors, so you can use these pens to color code or just get creative.

Le Plume II

Double Ended Pens for Bullet JournalingThe Le Plume II pens are double-sided! One side of the pen is a fine tip, perfect for writing, the other end is a brush tip, perfect for lettering or designing. The great thing about using this double-sided pen is that it’s like getting two pens in one. It is so versatile, honestly, if this was the only pen you used in your journal or planner would still look like a work of art. The pens come in 6 or 12 packs including bold and pastel colors! You can also purchase single pens to create your own perfect palette. Le Plume II comes in a whopping 108 colors! Talk about color coding. 

Getting the right tools to start will make sure that your planner or bullet journal is looking sharp and keeping you on track! Because let's be real, if you're not enjoying creating your bullet journal, what's the point? These pens and markers will help make your love of planners even bigger!

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