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How To Use The Jewel Picker - Perfect Tool For Precision Crafting

The Jewel Picker is here to revolutionize your crafting sessions, especially if you love working minuscule, intricate details into your creations. This indispensable tool is a game-changer for those who delight in working with small, delicate items that add that special touch of sparkle and flair to any project.

Marvy Uchida Jewel Picker Tips

Imagine effortlessly picking up and accurately placing sequins that catch the light just right, or gems that add a touch of elegance to your craft. The Jewel Picker simplifies these tasks, making it a breeze to work with die-cut paper pieces that add depth and dimension or beads that bring texture and color to your designs. This tool is designed to make your crafting experience smoother, more precise, and infinitely more enjoyable.

But the wonders of the Jewel Picker don't stop there. Alongside its primary function, you'll discover the ease of learning how to use this tool to its full potential. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that crafters of all skill levels can enhance their projects with the precision and care they deserve.


 How to use

    1. Separate the objects so it will be easy to select.
    2. Lightly press the tacky tip of the Jewel picker on to the object until it adheres to it.
    3. Carefully place the object on to the desired area of your project.

Maintenance is a breeze as well. Keeping your Jewel Picker in top condition is key to extending its longevity and ensuring it remains a reliable companion in your crafting endeavors. 


  1. Jewel Picker will lose adhesion by catching dust and oils.
  2. To regain its adhesion, just roll the tip on adhesive tape. This will pick up any dust and oils on the tip.
  3. To lessen its tackiness, touch the tip with your fingertips. This will add oil to the tip. If the tip loses it tackiness completely and using the adhesive tape to remove it does not work, then use an ultra-fine sandpaper to rub off any dust and objects. This should recover its tackiness.

Dive into the world of detailed crafting with the Jewel Picker, your new best friend in the crafting room. Explore how this tool can elevate your projects, simplify your process, and inspire your creativity. Happy crafting!

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