How to Season a Chalkboard

So you just bought a new chalkboard or you made one with The Easy Chalkboard Marker and you want to start writing and creating chalkboard art, but wait! Before you do anything with your new chalkboard you need to season it.

What does seasoning a chalkboard do? Seasoning your chalkboard will fill in the porous spaces and coat the absorbent areas of the board. This will make it much easier to clean your board once you use it and it will make it less likely that residual images are left over after your first use. 

It’s an easy way to keep your chalkboard looking brand new for a long time. Ready? This is how to season a new chalkboard.

How to Condition a Chalkboard Before Using

How To: Seasoning a Chalkboard

Seasoning a chalkboard is simply covering the whole surface with chalk and then wiping it clean. It’s super easy! You have to season a chalkboard because if you don’t there will always be a faint image of whatever you first wrote on the board. The process of seasoning closes up all the pores of your chalkboard surface, making it easier to clean and write!

Step 1: Once your chalkboard is dry, if you made it using The Easy Chalkboard Marker, take a): stick of traditional chalk and begin to color the whole board vertically.

Step 2: To ensure complete coverage color the board horizontally until every inch of the chalkboard has been covered in chalk.

Step 3: Take a dry paper towel or cloth and rub off all of the chalk.

Step 4: You are finally ready to use your new chalkboard.

These are some important tips to help you successfully season a chalkboard-

  1. Do NOT use dustless chalk! This will not season your chalkboard correctly.
  2. Place the chalk on its side to cover the entire board more quickly and effectively.
  3. If you are covering a large area like a wall try using sidewalk chalk, it will cover the surface area more quickly and work just as well.

Watch our handy video for how to season your chalkboard:

Now that you have a usable chalkboard you are going to need some chalk markers to start designing!

For general use we recommend the Bistro Chalk Marker, it also comes in a chisel tip and fine point. For larger boards, we suggest the Jumbo Bistro Chalk Marker.

For smaller more detailed letting or designing the Bistro Chalk Marker Extra Fine Point is ideal.

Bistro Chalk Markers are also available in metallic and pastels.

Whether you are using your new chalkboard at home, at work, or for the kids have fun, you are now ready! Be sure to check out our article on How to Erase Chalkboard Markers for our best tips and tricks!

Created By: Simone Collins

DIY lover who will try anything twice (as long as it doesn't involve glitter. Amateur lettering artist and doodler.
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Elleena Cantrell - January 30, 2023

I purchased a chalkboard a while back without knowing or receiving instructions to season my board before using. After I tried to erase the writing that was on it I might as well have not done anything. The person who wrote on it was heavy handed when it came to using the chalk to began with. Is there any chance I can salvage my board and season it as I’ve found the directions to do on this site? If there is what can I do to remove the remnants that’s been left behind so that I can finally have my own blackboard that I’ve dreamed of having since first using one in elementary school?

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