How To Watercolor a Rose With Markers

Using our Color In or Le Plume II markers, you can paint your own watercolor roses using this simple technique. You will need a Color In Water In Brush to grab your colors and start painting. The easy to use water brush makes controlling the ink a breeze. 

How To Watercolor a Rose Wreath - Marvy Uchida

You Will Need -

  1. Lay some color on to your palette by making marks with your markers.
  2. Using your Color In Water In Brush, pick up some color from the palette. Be careful not to squeeze the brush.
  3. Lay brush flat on paper and with a squiggly motion, create the petals of the rose. Just keep practicing. Every rose will look different and that's ok. To create the wreath, the roses should be a variety of sizes and shapes.

 Here's a video to show you just how it's done. 

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