How To Store Your Markers

How To Store Your Markers


Is there anything worse than grabbing a marker, opening the cap, setting it to paper, and — NO! The nib is dry! 

It doesn't necessarily mean it's empty, but it does mean you have to now flip that Le Plume II marker upside down and wait patiently to find out if you can use your favorite color today or if you need to restock. How annoying! 

Marvy Uchida Marker Storage Pouch

What if we told you that if you store your pens and markers properly, your chances of dealing with this problem again get much, much smaller? Sounds good, right?

Well, luckily, we are in the business of markers and we've learned a thing or two about the best ways to store your markers to keep the ink flowing when you take off the cap. Take a look below at how we like to store some of our most popular pens and markers.

 Le Plume Permanent Marker Storage

Le Plume Permanent
These markers are a fan favorite for drawing manga, comics, cartoons, gestures, landscapes, sketching, and coloring in designs. With 144 colors to choose from, you definitely want these handy and ready to go when you're working on your project. Because these are alcohol-basked inks, they can be store horizontally or vertically in a cup but the best way to store them horizontally. This will ensure that the ink flows perfectly every time. 


Le Plume II Marker Storage Pouch


Le Plume II
These double-ended pens are a favorite for brush lettering and coloring! Of course, being able to use both ends is a big plus so making sure to store these pens horizontally such as in a drawer or pencil case is the perfect way to do that! If they are stored upright, one end will dry out but that can be corrected by laying the pens flat for a few hours to distribute the ink equally.


 Le Pen Storage Tower

Le Pen
We love our Le Pens around the office for taking notes and at home to keep track of to-dos and grocery lists. With 30 fun colors it's hard not to want to color code everything! Luckily, these pens keep the ink flowing so you can store them anywhere that makes sense for you. Throw them in a pen cup, pencil case, or in your purse and they'll be ready to use!

Le Pen in Carrying Case


Le Pen and Le Pen Flex come in their own storage case now that is perfect to keep your pens organized and also props them up on your desk when open. This hard plastic case will keep your pens in great condition.


Le Pen Flex
These come with a durable, flexible rubberized brush tip that is great for hand lettering, journals, planners and much more. Just like their counterpart, the Le Pen, these will be ready to use when you need them so you can store them anywhere nearby. With the tiny flexible brush tip you can add flourishes, details, and every tiny handlettering to your every day notes.


Bistro Chalk Markers
Coming in a wide range of tip sizes, these cult favorite chalk markers can help you design beautiful chalkboards with fine details or wide washes of color. For chalk lovers, these are a must-have. These are also great because they can be stored horizontally or vertically — your choice! As long as the cap is on tight, the position doesn't matter. If it's been a while since you've used these, you may just need to pump the nib a few times to get it flowing again.  


DecoColor Paint Markers 

DecoColor Paint Markers
These markers feature a valve system for the paint inside, so they can be stored any way you'd like. Remember that the caps need to be on tight or the paint could leak out of the marker. Every time you use a DecoColor marker, they need to be shaken in order to mix the paint inside. If you are storing these markers upright in a gorgeous cup on your desk, you may need to pump the nib a couple times to get the paint flowing evenly to the tip again.


Now you know all the tips and tricks that we use to make sure our inks are flowing when we need them to! If you follow these tips you'll have a frustration-free time when working on your next project. Especially if you don't use these tools daily, these marker storage tips will be super helpful. Don't forget to pin or bookmark this guide for when you need it!

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Bradley Noah - July 8, 2021

Great information! I purchased some Coppices, but have yet to use them! I’m really looking forward to more of your posts on techniques, etc. Thanks for your post.

Melinda McBride - March 4, 2021

What about the Color In markers? How should they be stored?

Joanne - March 4, 2021

Long time fan of most of your pens and markers … thanks for the fine products. Love the zipper pouch ("Why buy it for $7 …). Do you sell it or where is it available? Do you sell the pen storage suggestions and/or who does?

Kailee - February 22, 2021

Just to clarify, Le Pen and Le Pen Flex can be stored either lying flat or standing upright? Thanks!

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