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Le Plume Permanent is great for comic, manga, cartooning, designing, rubber stamps, clear stamps, landscape studies, gesture drawings, painting, and sketching. Available in 144 colors. 141 of the colors are alcohol based and permanent while the other 3 colors are opaque and pigmented.

New Updated barrel: We will gradually update the barrel of our 3000 alcohol markers this year to a new black barrel. Along with the change in color, we have also added a colored end cap that will help identify the marker color when cap is removed. Since this will be a gradual change, some of the open stock and sets may consist of both the black and grey barrel markers until the changeover is complete.

Color Chart - click link

Specifications for permanent colors

  • Alcohol based ink
  • Soft brush tip
  • 141 Colors available
  • Permanent
  • Item# 3000
Specifications for opaque colors
  • Water based ink
  • Opaque colors have a fine plastic tip
  • 3 Colors available: white, gold, silver
  • Pigmented

24 COLOR SETS: Click here to see popup color chart

PRIMARY SET - 3000SET24A: B705, B709, BV728, E857, E865, E869, G653, G658, G664, G673, GB697, N885, N910, O838, P793, P797, PV766, PV767, R812, R818, V749, V755, Y621, Y625
PASTEL SET - 3000SET24B: B700, BV733, BV736, BV738, G656, G662, GB681, GB690, O835, OR820, OR821, OR822, OY842, OY848, P782,PV764, PV765, R803, R810, R813, R815, V750, Y615, Y623
BLENDING SET - 3000SET24C: BV729, E859, G655, G657, GB684, GB688, GB691, GB693, GB695, GB698, N900, OR827, P780, P783, P790, PV770, R808, V740, V742, Y618, Y622, YG630, YG634, YG635
GARDEN SET - 3000SET24D: B701, B707, B719, BV725, BV739, E866, E867, G668, O836, O837, P788, P796, PV774, PV778, R805, R817, V744, V754, V757, Y610, Y616, Y627, YG647, YG649
GREY SET - 3000SET24E: AG871, AG873, AG875, AG877, CG891, CG892, CG893, CG894, CG895, CG896, CG897, CG898, E852, E853, E855, E863, N881, N883, N887, N889, OP920, OR823, OR824, OR825
SPECIAL COLOR SET - 3000SET24F: B708, B710, B711, B715, B717, BV723, BV726, E858, G660, G676, G679, OP921, OY841, OY844, OY845, OY846, P785, P786, OP922, R800, V747, Y624, YG642, YG645

30 PIECE SET: Click here to see popup color chart

R800, R805, R818, P782, P785, P797, V742, V749, BV738, B700, B708, B719, GB681, GB684, GB688, Y621, YG634, G653, G668, Y625, Y627, OR823, O835, OY848, E869, AG871, AG873, AG877, N900, N910
6 COLOR SETS: Click here to see popup color chart

NEUTRAL SET: N881, N883, N885, N887, N889, N910
BLUE SET: B700, B705, B709, B710, B715, B719
GREEN SET: G653, G656, G658. G660, G662, G668
YELLOW SET: Y610, Y615, Y618, Y621, Y625, Y627
ORANGE SET: OR823, OR825, OR827, O835, O838, OY845
RED SET: R800, R803, R808, R813, R815, R818
PINK SET: PV764, PV766, P780, P793, P796, P797
PURPLE SET: BV733, BV736, BV738, V742, V744, V747
COOL GREY SET: CG891, CG892, CG894, CG895, CG897, CG898

How to videos

Additional videos

No 02 Coloring shadows on the skin
No 03 Shading and finishing the skin
No 04 Coloring hair
No 05 Coloring Clothes
No 06 Let's try drawing markers
No 07 Coloring in eyes and other intricate parts
No 08 Coloring Sky and Banner
No 09 Let's try drawing with MARVY/UCHIDA Le Plume markers Highlight with white marker

Customer Reviews

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Real brush tips!

I have purchased some joes garage (studio 71) 'bush' tip pens that had sawdust for tips and they were just reg nibs sharpened to a point that began in differing degrees to fray and shatter. not good. First time I tried one of my friends Le Plume pens I was sold!! I have gotten 2 30 pen sets and a lot of the open stock colors. I have only 52 more to get to have all 144.... EXCITED!! Colors blend well and are AMAZING brush tips! Will come back if I encounter any problems over time.

PROBLEM: I got a blank color chart from a SakuraCon booth and have messed that one up and would like to download another to start again.... Can't find said animal no matter how I search on site or over web. Google can't find it for me either. Please make blank swatch charts available to us in pdf. TY for a truly great product!

Thank you for purchasing and liking our Le Plume Permanent markers. Here is a link to our Le Plume Permanent color chart. I hope this helps