Five Minute Ornament


Chalkboard Marker Ornament

Skill Level: Beginner


  • Plastic Ornament
  • Bistro Chalk Marker – fine, white
  • Glitter or mica flakes or confetti
  • Ribbon (optional)

Instructions for Five Minute Ornament:

  1. Using a rolled up paper funnel, add glitter, mica flakes, or confetti to the bottom of your ornament. Put topper back on the ornament.
  2. Write a message on the ornament with the Bistro Chalk Marker. Let dry.*
  3. Add ribbon and hang.

*The Bistro Chalk Marker is not permanent on a plastic ornament. You can choose to change the message from year to year or make a permanent version with a DecoColor Paint Marker.


Created By: Simone Collins

DIY lover who will try anything twice (as long as it doesn't involve glitter.) Amateur lettering artist and doodler.
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