Simply Sweet Candy Jar


Simply Sweet Candy Jar Project

Designed By: Uchida staff
Crafting Time: 2 hrs
Drying Time: 1 hour
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


  • Marvy®/Uchida Bistro Chalk marker chisel tip, item #483 - white
  • Marvy®/Uchida Bistro Chalk marker fine tip, item #482 - red
  • Marvy®/Uchida Easy Chalkboard marker, item #484 - black
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch, item #LVCP - Heart
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Jumbo Craft Punch, item #LVJCP - Heart
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Super Jumbo Craft Punch, item #LVSJCP - Scallop circle
  • Red Ribbon with white stitch - 1" wide
  • Cardstock - white
  • Core'dination Glitter Silk Cardstock- Red
  • Wide mouth jar
  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Small paint brush
  • Scissors


  1. Cut one sheet of newspaper into 1" x 2" strips. Then pour two tablespoons of glue and one tablespoon of water into a bowl and mix well.
  2. You are going to paper mache below the cap of the jar with newsprint. Add glue to the side of the glass and place the newsprint on it. Then brush the glue on top of the newsprint. Repeat until the whole jar is covered. Including the bottom of the jar. Go over the newsprints with glue and then let the whole thing dry for an hour.
  3. While it is drying punch out five white small hearts and five jumbo size glitter red hearts. Set this aside.
  4. Then punch out one scalloped circle. Color the scallop circle with the Easy Chalkboard marker to create a chalkboard. Add several coats of it. Let this dry
  5. Once the jar is dry, wrap the ribbon around it and cut it about 1/2" longer so it will overlap. Then glue the ribbon below the cap to the jar with the glue gun. Once this dries, glue the white hearts evenly spaced on the ribbon. Then glue the red glitter jumbo hearts spaced between the white hearts below it. Let this all dry.
  6. Take your chalkboard scallop circle and glue it on the lid. Now it is ready to write on.


Created By: Marvy Uchida Team

Our talented in-house creative team
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