Chalkboard Painted Pots

Chalkboard Painted Pots Project

Designed By: Simone Collins

Skill Level: Beginner


Instructions for Chalkboard Painted Pots

  1. Use the Easy Chalkboard Marker to paint the bottom half of the pot.
  2. Paint the top ring around the pot with the white acrylic paint. Allow to dry.
  3. Take the plain white chalk and color all over the black chalkboard paint.
  4. Wipe off the chalk with the paper towel. Do not use water.*
  5. Using the Bistro Chalk Markers, draw a design all over the bottom half of the pot. This could be a repeated pattern or even words.
  6. If you make a mistake with the Bistro Chalk Markers, you can erase it with just a tiny bit of water on a cotton swab.
  7. The Bistro Chalk Markers can be erased and you can change your design whenever you’d like.*

*By coating the chalkboard paint with chalk first that is dry wiped away, you are conditioning the chalkboard. Once the chalkboard is conditioned, the Bistro Chalk Markers can be erased.



Created By: Simone Collins

DIY lover who will try anything twice (as long as it doesn't involve glitter.) Amateur lettering artist and doodler.
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