Father's Day Tie Cup

Father's Day Tie Cup Project

Designed By: Uchida Staff
Crafting Time: 30 min
Drying Time: 15 min
Skill Level: Beginner


  • Ceramic cup
  • DecoColor® Broad point, item #300-S10 -light blue
  • DecoColor® fine point, item #200-S3 - blue, silver
  • DecoColor® fine point, item #140-S1 - black
  • DecoColor® Remover


  1. Wash cup with soap and water to remove any oils and dust. Let it dry completely.
  2. Draw design on the cup with a pencil. Draw the image at least 1/2" or more below the rim of the cup. So that there is enough room for dad's lips and it does not touch the artwork.
  3. Draw a lot of blue dots within the tie. Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.
  4. Fill in the tie with light blue. Go around the blue dots. Let this dry.
  5. Take the silver and dot the center of the blue dots. Let the cup dry for 10 minutes.
  6. Outline the tie with black and also outline the blue dots.
  7. Take the fine DecoColor® black and write your message to dad on the other side.
  8. Let it dry completely overnight and then hand wash it with mild soap.

Created By: Marvy Uchida Team

Our talented in-house creative team
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Eugenia Elizondo - October 5, 2020

Hi, I used the DecoColor Opacque Paint marker 200-S Black to decorate a Mug. Do I need to put it in the oven, so the design will stay longer or not? If I do need to, can you please let me know how much time and at what temperature.


Quinn - November 12, 2019

Welcome home gift.

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