Watercolor Pencils 101: Watercolor Pencils for Beginners

Watercolor painting has a beautiful serene feel to it. Sometimes you want to have the effect of watercolors without the hassle of using them. Watercolor pencils are the perfect way to create a watercolor picture. They are really simple to use and there is no clean up! This is a simple guide to watercolor pencils.

Watercolor Pencils 101

How to use watercolor pencils-

To start using watercolor pencils, simply color like you would with any other colored pencil. Once you are finished, take the Water In Brush and brush over your colorings to create a watercolor effect. Keeping brushing until there are no pencil marks visible, then leave to dry.

Dry on dry layering-

For a darker, more opaque look, try dry on dry layering. To do this, simply color as you normally would, but once you are finished do not use the Water In Brush right away. Next, color over what you’ve already done, creating a second layer. To get the full effect of dry on dry layering make sure you are coloring with the same amount of force as you did with the first layer.

Once the second layer is completed brush over with the Water In Brush. For an even darker look layer 3 or 4 times before water brushing.


To create a gradient effect with the Watercolor Pencils start by coloring several vertical layers at the edge of the desired area. Next, add some horizontal layers in the same place. Take the Water In Brush and brush over the vertical and horizontal layers you have created. Once there are no more visible pencil marks use the water brush to drag the color. The farther you drag the water brush the less color is held. This is what creates the gradient effect.

An important tip for creating a gradient effect over a large surface area: make sure you have created enough layers to provide enough color to be spread. If there is not enough color your gradient will fall short.

Two color blending-

If you want to blend two colors together start by shading one side with one color and the other side with another. The two colors should intersect in the middle. Where the two different colors crossover be sure to shade a few extra layers in different directions. With a wet Water In Brush start blending the middle area, where the colors are mixed. One there are no longer any pencil marks clean the brush off completely.

Before you start blending the sides make sure that there is no residual color left on the water brush! Next, blend both of the single color areas completely from outside in. Be sure to wash the brush off in between each color. Once the whole area has been brushed use the water brush to drag some color from the middle into each of the sides.

Watercolor pencils make creating watercolor painting super easy! You don’t have to use messy paints and spend a ton of time cleaning up. At first, the pencils may seem confusing or daunting, but they are really easy to use! Watercolor pencils are great for adult coloring books or freehand drawing. Marvy Uchida carries them in 12 or 24 packs.


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