By the Beach Pillow

Easy Seaside Throw Pillow Project
SkillLevel: Beginner


  • Marvy® Fabric Brush Markers — Blue, Grey, and Flesh Tone
  • Marvy® Puffy Velvet Fabric Markers — White, Flesh Tone, and Warm Grey
  • Cream fabric
  • White thread
  • Navy cord pillow trim (48”)
  • Poly-fill pillow stuffing
  • Pencil or long stick


    1. Cut two pieces of cream fabric, each 17” x 7”. Set one piece aside.

    1. Print design lightly using computer and printer, or hand-drawn outlines of (4” x 4”) squares, seashell, sand dollar, and starfish onto the center of fabric rectangle. Using Marvy Fabric Brush Markers, color in background squares as shown.

    1. Using Marvy Puffy Velvet Fabric Markers, color in seashell, sand dollar, and starfish using photo as guide. Allow to dry completely. Use the heat gun to “puff” design. Let cool. Sew around squares using white thread.

    1. Pin “right” sides of fabric rectangles together with navy cord trim between pieces (cording faces toward the center of Pillow). Sew ½ “seam around outside of pillow, leaving 3” hole in one side. Clip excess fabric from corners. Turn pillow right side out through hole.

  1. Stuff pillow through hole, using the eraser end of a pencil to reach corners. Hand-stitch opening closed.

Created By:

Uchida of America Design Team
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