Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me Pot Holder - PROJECT

Mommy and Me Potholder Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner


  • Fabric Marker item# 622 - yellow, crimson lake, fluorescent pink, navy, fluorescent blue, black
  • Fabric Marker item# 522 - black
  • Erasable fabric Marker item# 422 - lavender
  • pot holders


  1. Use the Erasable Fabric Marker to make an outline of your hand and your child's on the Pot Holder.
  2. For a girl, fill in the hand with fluorescent pink. Let it dry. Then fill in the adult hand with crimson lake. Let it dry.
  3. Fill the background with yellow. Let it completely dry.
  4. Outline both hands with black.
  5. With the fine tip fabric marker, write name and date around the edge of the pot holder.

Variations: Daddy and me: navy for adult hand and fluorescent blue for child's hand.


Created By: Marvy Uchida Team

Our talented in-house creative team
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