Scalloped Circle Card

Scalloped Circle Card Project

Designed By: Uchida Staff
Crafting Time: 1 hour
Skill Level: Beginner


  • White card stock
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Extra Giga Craft Punch – scalloped circle
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Mega Craft Punch – scalloped circle
  • Marvy®/Uchida Clever Lever Super Jumbo Craft Punch – circle
  • Le Plume Permanent - PV767, P785, E866, N900
  • LePen® Draw – 0.1
  • Glue Tape

All measurements are in inches.

  1. Take an 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” and fold it in half. Place the card with the folded side into the extra giga punch scalloped circle. Turn over the punch so you can see the card underneath. Push card down toward the back but not all the way. When you punch it out, the card should be connected at the folded end.
  2. Color the scalloped circle with Le Plume Permanent P785. Stroke outward from the center of the circle with PV767.
  3. Punch out a mega craft punch scalloped circle. Color it with E866. To make a lightened dot in the scallop areas, take the blender N900 and dab it in that spot. Glue this to the center of the large scallop circle.
  4. Punch out a super jumbo circle. Use the LePen® 0.1 to decorate the border with lines and circles. Color in the small circles with PV767. Write “Happy Birthday” in the center and add circles at the end of the letters and color that in. Glue this to the center of the scallop circle.

Created By: Marvy Uchida Team

Our talented in-house creative team
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