Easter Chip Bag



  • Print out bag artwork on a 8.5" x 11" paper
  • Remove borders on three sides only. The two longest side and one short side.
  • Fold the two shortest sides at the black line to add creases.
  • Then add glue tape to the inner edges of the two longest side and one on the shortest side without the white border.
  • Add goodies in the middle and fold over the two shortest side. Make sure the white border side is on the bottom. The other side will cover over it. Then press together.
  • Then press together the top and bottom to seal it together
  • Use the straight paper crimper to crimp top and bottom.
  • Then finish it by cutting the edges off of the two ends with the pinking scissors.

How to Video:




Marvy Uchida Team

Uchida of America Design Team
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Martha Self - March 21, 2023

Would love to have anything me and my grand baby can color a lot everything we have are about used up

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