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This is the perfect pen for drawing anime and manga comics. The Le Pen is great for drawing artwork and pairs well with the Le Plume Permanent Markers for coloring in. The Le Pen comes in black ink only and seven point sizes

Water Based Pigmented Ink, Lightfast, Archival Quality, Fast drying, Smudge resistant, Acid Free, Non Toxic



4 piece set contains one each point:  0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 0.8

8 piece set contains one each point:  0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, brush 

Customer Reviews

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Anna Kirana
Worrisome Quality

I used one of those liners for outlining my drawings. It was said that they are alcohol marker resistant so I was not worried about the coloring process. However, it turned out that this company is not following their requirements and my whole drawing was ruined - the black liner spilled all over the drawing once it was went over with my alcohol marker (Just to let you know I am using top quality color markers "Copic"). Please test out your quality of your products because it is really devastating to give your customers inaccurate expectations for them.

Ernest Maczo
Excellent quality

nice pens, quick turn a round.

Mark Mendoza
Instant Classic

Le Pen has been my go to for decades. Somehow these drawing pens escaped my radar. I became aware of them via an illustrator friend. I knew I had to have them! They make cursive writing/lettering look amazing!

I’ve fallen in love

This is the only pen I use to draw with! Doesn’t bleed, smudge, or fade! 100% would recommend

Erin Keith-Chancy
Confusing Product Sizes

Using the drop down menu on the website, I selected the 1.0mm size drawing pen. Hoping it would have a larger nib than 0.8mm. I got five 0.1mm pens---which is like drawing with a cat whisker. The invoice reads that I ordered the 0.1mm - so I went back to the ordering page online and saw that it did offer both sizes. Sigh. I would probably order again because I really love the brush pens.

Sorry about the confusion. We have corrected the error. Please contact our Customer Service at https://uchida.com/pages/contact-us for wrong orders and returns.

As for a larger tip size, 0.8 will be the largest that is sold individually. However, there is a 1.0 tip size that is only available in the 8 piece set. We do not sell the 1.0 tip size separately.