This Cutting Mat has a self-healing surface so it remains smooth and easy to use even after a long time. There is a 1-inch grid on the surface to aid in cutting. This mat is perfect for crafting or scrapbooking. There are also other uses to the mat. It can be used as a writing mat as it is static free, it could be a stamping mat or a computer mat. Comes in different sizes and colors.



  • Self-healed Cutting Surface made of rubber like plastic
  • Grid lines give you a graphic guide.
  • Item#CM

Colors & Sizes

Available in Jade Green, White Translucent and Executive Black. Translucent model is designed for cutting work on light box.

Product Size
BSS 8 1/2 x 12 inches
GS, TS & BS 12 x 18 inches
GM, TM, BM 18 x 24 inches
24 x 36 inches
GLL, BLL 36 x 48 inches

Available Colors
G: Jade Green T: White Translucent B: Executive Black

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