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These markers are a must have for any calligraphy kit. The markers are perfect for creating cards, invitations, awards, or letter art. They come in 2.0, 3.5, and 5.0 mm point sizes allowing for a variety in lettering. The calligraphy markers come in 7 vibrant colors. The ink is water-based, acid-free, non-toxic, and Marvy Matchable.


  • Acid Free/Non-toxic
  • Water-based Ink
  • Marvy® Matchable colors
  • Wedge shaped point in 3 sizes: 2.0mm Fine (F), 3.5mm Medium (M) and 5.0mm Broad (B)
  • Ink colors match barrel color
  • Item# 6000


Click here to see the color chart: black, red, blue, green, violet, burgundy, sepia

Customer Reviews

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Disappointing Products from a Usually Good Company

I have been using Marvy Calligraphy markers for many years. They work well on a variety of papers, including Grumbacher practice pads, producing sharply defined edges and consistently smooth lines. The most recent products are a terrible disappointment.

First, the markers, sent in a sealed plastic envelope, leaked during shipment. Specifically, the Green 5.0mm marker leaked onto the surface of all the other markers and the nib of the 5.0mm Red marker. It was a messy ordeal cleaning the markers.

The Green 5.0mm marker never worked properly. The edges of the lines it produced looked like bleeding paint lines, irregular and inconsistent. The lines were streaked and, no matter the orientation, the pressure or the speed of the stroke, it produced white streaks and uneven colors.

The same was true of the 5.0mm Red marker. It, too, produced streaked lines and uneven edges.

Most disappointing was the fact these colors were ordered for Christmas Name Cards. I would have been embarrassed to share the shoddy work produced by these Marvy Calligraphy markers.

The reason this rating is a 2, not a 1, is the Blue 2.0mm and the Red 2.0mm and 3.5mm pens worked satisfactorily although not as well as the Marvy Markers I have received from Marvy Uchida in the past.

BEST calligraphy pens on Earth!!!

I do calligraphy for weddings, graduations, and many other events. These are the only pens I will use. They are my absolute favorite! The ink is a good solid color (no skipping), and the angle of the tip holds its shape through many, many uses. I struggle to find these pens in stores, so I was thrilled to be able to order them online, and have them shipped to my doorstep!

Beg. calligraphy tool

Especially on Zoom... This little pen is easy to adapt to learning lettering.


A must buy! I've had for years and they last a long time. Great ink color and tips are very strong, durable and very smooth when writing.

Best Calligraphy Markers!

Excellent product and service.