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Our Brand New LePen® Flex is here. The Le Pen Flex comes with a durable, flexible rubberized brush tip that is great for hand lettering, journals, planners and much more. You can purchase individual colors as well as sets.


  • Flexible Rubberized Brush Tip
  • Smooth Sleek Barrel Design
  • Smear Resistant
  • Quick Drying
  • Vivid Colors
  • Acid Free, Non Toxic
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236
  • Item # 4800


Individual Colors:

black, red, blue, green, brown, magenta, dark grey, burgundy, navy, oriental blue, teal, and amethyst,

ochre, coral pink, pale blue, wisteria, dusty pink, peppermint

See Available Sets - 6 & 10 Piece Sets:

black, red blue, green, brown, dark grey

magenta, amethyst, navy oriental blue, burgundy, teal

ochre, coral pink, pale blue, wisteria, dusty pink, peppermint

fl. pink, fl. violet, fl. blue, fl. green, fl. yellow, and fl. orange


10 Piece Sets:

ochre, coral pink, pale blue, wisteria, dusty pink, peppermint, amethyst, teal, magenta, oriental blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Best flex brush pen for small writing! I write postcards to voters nearly every day and collected a mass of colored gel pens, felt pens, Tombow, small calligraphy pens etc. then I saw an example of thick-thin lovely handwriting that was the Tombow Fude. I started collecting brush pens but most are for large lettering. Enter Le Pen Flex! Absolutely perfect! And the new neons are fantastic for highlighting drop-shadow style. BUT I need more colors! The muted tones are fine sometimes, but the brilliant red, blue and magenta need balance with violet, orange, emerald green (you can keep the Frog Green!) and turquoise Please!!!

Sue Ames
Le Pen Flex + Le Pen

I love these pens! I first got a small 6 pack from the college bookstore and fell in love with them. They work wonderfully in my art journals.

T Payne
Good for gentle writers

They’re fine quality, but not good if you are a heavy handed writer.

Fernanda Lima

I love the colors, the quality, the price.
It's perfect!

Le PENultimate

I discovered Le Pen years ago in a hometown stationary store, when the only colors were black, blue, read and green. I've been buying and using them ever since. Over time they have created new fun colors. I like the way they write (flow) and how creative I can be using them. I'll always be buying more!