Hand Lettering Guides

Here are some handy guides to help you practice your hand lettering. You can hone in on your skills as a hand and brush lettering artist. Here are some practice sheets to get you started.

Basic strokes guide

Basic strokes Practice Sheet

Alphabet Guide

Lettering Practice Sheet

How to guide


How to video

Created By: Yu Shiratani

DIY lover and  Amateur lettering artist and doodler.
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Laura Spott - May 26, 2020

Thank you so much for making this information available. I am a 68 year old grandmother who will be taking care of my 8 and 10 year old granddaughters weekdays all summer since the Covid has closed all the summer daycare programs. I will use the above information to teach my grandgirls to letter and make their own cards and posters. This is a skill they will take through their whole lives. I have used your products exclusively for 30 years for print projects and for towel designs and have always been very satisfied. Thank you again.

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