Markers 101: Different Types of Marker Tips

There’s the chisel, fine, bullet, brush, broad, and so many more! What do all these different types of marker tips mean? Which one should I use? Don’t fret, this is guide will tell you all you need to know about the different types of marker tips.

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Markers 101: Different Types of Marker Tips

Tip Size -

The first way to differentiate marker tips is by size. Tip sizes are measured in millimeters and generally range from .03mm all the way up to 50mm. Pens usually are measured by the precise millimeter while markers are put into one of five categories:

The smallest are extra fine markers. These are ideal for detail work! Adding sharp lines to your artwork or creating crisp, tiny text on chalkboards is so easy with the right size tip. These types of makers will be your go-to for tiny pieces.
Extra Fine Markers
Some examples of extra fine tip markers are:
The next size up are the fine markers. The difference between the tip sizes is noticeable. These markers are ideal for covering small areas or writing, but they don't allow for the level of detailing that an extra fine marker would. These are ideal every-day markers to use on chalkboards, whiteboards, note taking, and more!
Fine Tip Markers
These are some of our favorites:
The medium tip markers are your perfect middle-of-the-road marker. These are great for creating art, office use, and crafts. Get started with one of these:
Broad tips are perfect for covering larger areas. These types of markers are great when creating art, filling in large areas, and creating large-scale hand-lettered pieces. These are some of the most popular options: Working on something really big or trying to save time covering a large surface area? These jumbo markers are what you need! Jumbo tip sizes are exactly what they sound like, big markers. They are ideal for coloring in a solid background or large projects like big canvas or murals.

Check out these best-sellers to see what we mean:

Tip Shapes -

Another way to categorize marker tips is by shape. The shape of the tip can affect the way it writes and draws making certain types of markers better for certain projects.

Bullet tip markers are the most common type of marker tip. It is rounded at the top like a bullet and is good for writing and coloring. Here are some of our favorites: 
Chisel tip markers have a slanted end that allows for both thicker and thinner lines. Chisel tips are common in calligraphy and other forms of lettering art. Chisel tips are also commonly found in highlighters so that you can create thick, sharp lines.
Chisel Tip Markers
Brush tip markers are markers that write like a paint brush. The harder you push on a brush tip marker the thicker the line will be. The tip of the brush tip markers are good for creating small lines. Brush tip markers are most popular with hand lettering and coloring.
Dual Brush Tip Markers
These are some of our favorites:

You’ll want to find the best combination of size and shape marker for your project. Some markers come double sided so you have different types of tips to use all in one marker, just be sure to store these markers horizontally! By storing them horizontally, you'll guarantee that one end of the marker doesn't dry out.

Also, check out our guide on types of marker ink so you'll be confident you're buying exactly what you need.

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Bradley Noah - June 8, 2021

You’ll want to find the best combination of size and shape marker for your project. Also, check out our guide on types of marker ink so you’ll be confident you’re buying exactly what you need.

addison reynolds - January 21, 2021

im currently sitting in class bored and watching and researhing about markers is very interesting i never knew you could have many different types

Padmala - August 26, 2020

Amazing never knew

Rhonda Jones - July 21, 2020

I have recently started stone painting can I use marvy le plume double edge markers i also have promarkers permanent twin tips can I use both and can I seal with varnish

Matěj Boček - May 8, 2020


I want to ask You if there is a possibility of buying just marker tip without body. Tips are really sensitive so i usually destroy it and endup with just body full of ink.

Thanks for Your time.

Matěj Boček

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